9D/8N: Old Royal Route – Ouro Preto, Dimantina, and Tiradentes

Tiradentes, São João Del Rei

We follow the old royal route from the historical and world famous colonial town of Ouro Preto, the first Brazilian town to be declared as a World Heritage Site, to Diamantina Town, another colonial town, which used to be a center for diamond mines. Another cozy and charming town in the Baroque Circuit is Tiradentes, the smallest among the three. Known for its cobble stones streets, churches, arts, nice restaurants and small familiar pousadas, this little town will certainly enchant all of us. We will also visit places of rare beauty and enjoy the unique landscape of the Rocky Fields, a type of vegetation characterized by rolling grasslands, geological outcroppings and unique cerrado flora. We go through the high areas of the Espinhaço Mountain Range, visiting the Cipo Mountain Range and reaching altitudes of 4600 feet (1400 meters).

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