11D/10N Birding Excursion in the Atlantic Rainforest


To introduce you to the wonders of the Altantic Rainforest, we spend Days 1 -5 at REGUA, a reserve in the mountains of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where 436 species of birds have been recorded. REGUA’s habitat ranges from lowland humid evergreen forest and restored wetlands to mountain forest 2,000 m above sea level. You will be led by expert guides and enjoy home-cooked meals and warm hospitality.

On Days 6 and 7, we will stop to see the Golden Lion Tamarin and the remarkable habitat restoration work that has done to recover its population; do birding nearby; and, in the city of Rio, see Corcovado, Rio’s famous Botanic Gardens, and the world’s largest urban forest. On Days 8, 9 and 10, we visit the State’s scenic “Costa Verde” (Green Coast) and stay at a lodge in the charming colonial port town of Paraty, with daily excursions to surrounding areas for outstanding birding.

Notes: – Depart USA for Rio de Janeiro (on a Thursday night).

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