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    Chapada Diamantina tablelands © Karina Mota

This park consists of high plateaus sculpted by erosion over millions of years into canyons and rocky cliffs that soar from 400 to 1.200 meters (1.300 to 4.000 feet). The region was once a flourishing gold-rush area. The park’s attractions are limestone and quartzite caves.
Typical grassland with sparsely distributed trees, scarcely permeable soil and with a several month-long dry season. The plants have small, leathery leaves and subterranean organs, which may be tuberous, fleshy, or woody.

Lençois a small village of XIX century, located in the Diamantina Plateau, appeared of the diamonds prospects, in a rich and exotic region of fauna and flora. Located 400 km (250mi.) west of Salvador, Lençóis is the starting point for a visit to the Chapada Diamantina National Park, founded in 1985, with 152,000 hectares (375.440 acres).

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