Pantanal wetlands – South – Fazenda Aguapé

Campo Grande, PANTANAL

The Aguapé Farm, with its easy access throughout the year, is located 160 km from Campo Grande, the capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and 60 km from Aquidauana, which is known as the gateway to the Pantanal. Owned by the same family over the last 150 years, activities were diversified eleven years ago, with the continuation of cattle ranching, ecotourism and fishing, support of conservation projects such as the Escola Pantaneira
(schools), Cavalo Pantaneiro (regional breed of horses) and Projeto Arara Azul (Hyacinth Macaw Project). (N.B.: Pantaneiro refers to inhabitants, creatures or anything relative to the Pantanal region).

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