Sea turtle – Fernando de Noronha

ATLANTIC FOREST, Fernando de Noronha

Located some 350 km (217 miles) from the Brazilian coast the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha with its six principal islands: Fernando de Noronha, Rata, do Meio, Lucena, Sela Gineta and Rasa, and 14 rock formations which are nearly inaccessible.
The archipelago appeared in the Atlantic Ocean after some remote volcanic activity and makes up part of a 15,000 km (9,320 miles) mountain range that divides the Atlantic Ocean in two parts from Antarctica to the Arctic.Part of Fernando de Noronha is a National Park, founded in 1988 with 11,270 hectares, 15% of which is land (60% of the main island) and 85% is in the sea. Come enjoy the beauty of this island.

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