8D/7N Colonial Towns of the Golden Route


In this itinerary, Follow the Gold Route from Rio de Janeiro´s colonial avenues to the historic colonial towns of Minas Gerais. Visit the world famous historical cities of Petrópolis, Tiradentes, São João del Rei, Congonhas, Mariana and Ouro Preto, which takes you back in time to Brazil´s colonial period.

Founded in the early eighteenth century, Ouro Preto was the first Brazilian town to be declared as a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. The intricate details of the buildings and work of art clearly reflects the originality and autonomy of the craftsmen and artists who created this monument of Brazilian Baroque style.

Tiradentes is a cozy and charming town, known for its cobblestones streets, churches, arts and nice restaurants. Congonhas contains important works from the Golden Age of Brazil and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1985. The main points of interest are Aleijadinho´s sculptural masterpieces of the Twelve Prophets and the Via Crucies (Stations of the Cross). The set of life-sized sculptures is one of Brazil´s greatest artistic treasure.