Pantaneira Happiness School (Escolinha da Alegria Pantaneira)

Pantaneira Happiness School (Escolinha da Alegria Pantaneira)

In Pantanal, a school network was introduced to provide education to the children who didn’t attend school. Traveling with Brazil Ecotravel, Green Planet Expedition made a donation to buy school materials to the Pantaneira School project.

In March of 2007, Green Planet Expeditions (Longmont-CO-USA), traveling with Brazil Ecotravel,donated the sum of USD826.00 in school materials to Pantaneira Happy Little School located at the Primavera Farm.  Baia das Pedras Pousada, Mrs. Rita and Mr. domain information Dóio, acted as a mediator of this donation.

In the world’s largest fresh water wetland, Pantanal, a school network was introduced with a special calendar based on the dry season to the huge number of children who didn’t attend school.  Due to the access restrictions, the location of the schools was determined by demographic concentration.  The project aims in linking education about the Pantaneira culture and teach the students about the environment they live in. City halls and Pantanal farmers got together counting on WWF incentives to come up with the Pantaneira School.

The farmers would give the land for the school installation to attend the families in the area.  That would guarantee the children access to elementary school.  The project also reorganized the school year with a special calendar making it compatible to the local reality, considering the rain season as well as diversified subjects that bring back local art and culture.

The partnership with the owners of the farms is extremely important for the program continuity.  Besides participating in the organization of the core and its activities, and with their effective presence in the meetings every 2 months, those farmers contribute with financial resources, general material and equipments.

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