Terra Preta Community & Acajatuba Village

Terra Preta Community & Acajatuba Village

A group of students from West Island College and Reid Morrison donated money and volunteered to help a community rebuilt a technical school and a healthcare center in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Terra Preta community and Acajatuba Village are located on the edge of Negro River, around 300km from Manaus, the capital of Amazon state in Brazil. With church and school, the locals live from handcraft, fishing and production of manioc flour. In April of 2007 the students group from West Island College (Canada) did voluntary work for helping the community rebuilding a technical school and a healthcare centre; USD2,000 donation was also used for buying school supplies.

Social Objectives: The implantation of a school into the Acajatuba Village, and offering to the locals: computer, library, English class; art workshop, vegetable garden.

Money reverted to buy: new woods for the walls, paints, and school supplies.Considering that the area is well visited by internationals, they would expect future donations starting from this initiative.

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