Group Travel

We work with associations, universities, non-profits and other interest groups to provide a custom itinerary that meeds their needs!

some experience needs to be shared, and we believe travel is one of them. Brazil Ecotravel works with Associations, Non-Profits, Universities and other institutions all over the world to customize itineraries for their group travel to Brazil. We provide competitive group rates at hotels and attractions. Consult with one of our representatives or send us an email with your request, and we will provide you with a detailed break-down quote for the entire group. We provide special conditions for group leaders, waiving costs for transportation, entrance tickets, hotels and other services when possible.

Why work with us for your group?

Itinerary Support:
Tell us the experience you want to give your group and we will help you make itinerary decisions that are within your budget

Group Rates:
We work with hotels and other service providers to get special pricing for every group request! When possible we even get you upgrades or complimentary rooms!

Payments and Cancellations:
We works with you to manage a payment schedule and cancellation terms that make sense and fit your group’s booking schedule.

Group Guides:
Want a guide to follow the group throughout the entire trip in Brazil? We have many specialized guides that trained to be in-country trip leaders. The take all the stress from managing the group while traveling.

Quotes for Groups:
We provide you with a quick custom quote with break down pricing. You will see the cost of every service on a price per person basis. We will quote you for various group sizes, avoiding re-quoting if your group size changes. We make it easy for you to be a group leader.

Group Travel Options

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