Our Partners

Below you find many organizations which we work with, including a short description of their purpose and the link to help in your research. We support these organizations because we believe they contribute to the sustainable tourism as we do.

Blue Macaw Project
Integrated project with biological research and environmental education components, for the protection of the hyacinth macaw, an endangered species, in the Pantanal Wetlands Region (Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul States, in Brazil)

Botanical Garden Institute – Rio de Janeiro
www.jbrj.gov.br (only portuguese) Some ecosystems which exist in Brazil can be found in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro in characteristic settings.

From its foundation in 1993 up to the present day, Instituto EcoBrasil has become an important tool to develop the sustainable tourism in Brasil because of the contribution of its programmes and projects, and the decisive collaboration of its associates and partners.

Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project
The Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project’s mission is the conservation of the Atlantic Forest biodiversity’s focussing in the protection of the golden lion tamarin in its natural habitat.

Humpback Whale Institute
The Brazilian Humpback Whale Project was established in 1988 in order to study and protect these whales in their mating and calving season.

The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources – IBAMA, is responsible for the institutional mission of encouraging the correct techniques of intervention in nature, such as the management of

Mamiraua Sustainable Development Institute
The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is the largest Brazilian protected area (1.124.000 ha) devoted to the conservation of flooded forests. It was the first Brazilian conservation unit to give local people a major share of responsibility for the management of its natural resources.

Manatee Project
www.projetopeixe-boi.com.br  (only portuguese)
The Manatee Project began in 1980 to preserve this marine mammal in Brazil and the center for study and rehabilitation of animals rescued along the coast  is at the IBAMA Aquatic Mammal Center, contributing important discoveries in research on the species.

Right Whale Project 
www.baleiafranca.org.br  (only portuguese)
The Right Whale Project was founded in 1981 to study and protect these animals. The project runs whale watching tours to help fund its scientific and environmental endeavors.

TAMAR Project
The TAMAR Project, administered by IBAMA in partnership with the Pro-TAMAR Foundation, monitors 1000 kilometers of beaches, with 20 stations covering 8 Brazilian states. Ninety per cent of the people involved in this work, are members of the communities where the bases are established.

From its foundation in 1996 up to the present day, WWF-Brazil has become an increasingly more Brazilian organisation, not just through the extension and quality of its staff, but also, and especially, through the diversification of its programmes and projects, the dedication and performance of its technical and administrative staff, the high level of participation of its board and the decisive collaboration of its associates and partners.

Transfer  – Rio

One of our local partners offering transportation services in Rio.